When Preeti Rao was asked how she felt about winning the Diamond Award for #1 Real Estate Broker in Mississauga, she said she was elated, and it felt surreal.  “I am humbled and thankful to my clients who believe in me and voted for me”, she expressed ecstatically.

“I am thankful for my managers at Search Realty Corp and the amazing team I work with that helped make this possible.  I am fortunate to work with some of the most reputed stagers, contractors, and lawyers in the industry whose knowledge and expertise allow for a seamless experience for my clients, irrespective of whether they are buying or selling”.

Being uniquely positioned in her field as both a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate Broker gives Preeti an edge in the industry.  She instills confidence in her clients by showing them how they can afford to buy a home and then helping them find the right home at the right price.

Thinking back to when she first moved to Canada, the sense of accomplishment and pride, she felt on purchasing her first home, is still very fresh in her mind.   She credits a large part of her success of working with First Time Home Buyers to know the struggles that they can face.  “Very often clients have concerns that they may not qualify under the bank guidelines, or their credit history may affect their ability to purchase a home.   It is very important for me to understand my clients’ concerns and work with them by educating and guiding them on the steps to take, to be able to realize their dream of being a homeowner”.

Preeti has authored two books and is currently working on her third.  The first book, “Selling Secrets You Can’t Afford to Miss”, is geared towards educating her clients who are looking to sell their homes.   “The Complete Guide to Buying a Home”, is the second in the series and is the absolute handbook for buyers.

Preeti immigrated to Canada, from India in 2003 and her first job was as a Mortgage Administrator at a local Brokerage.   The following year, she enrolled in and completed her Financial Services Underwriting Degree at Seneca, whilst moving into the role of Vice President of Operations at another brokerage.   Not one to hold back, shortly after earning her Honors Degree in 2005, Preeti started her own brokerage firm.

Preeti is the recipient of multiple awards.  In 2020, she won the President’s Club Award for Real Estate and the Top Dual Agent Award for Mortgages and Real Estate.  This year, she is being awarded the CEO Award by Search Realty Corp.   When we asked Preeti, how it felt, she modestly replied “The recognition instills a strong sense of pride in me and, I am very appreciative for the awards.  My ultimate reward though is when my clients return to work with me or refer me to their friends and family.   Most of my clients are through referrals and it gives me an indescribable feeling of happiness, knowing that my clients have valued my services and are comfortable not just returning to work with me, but also recommending me.  I honestly cannot thank them enough”.

 “Simply put, I love what I do.   I am living my dream job.  For me, there is so much more to what I do than just helping clients buy or sell their homes.   For me, it is helping people fulfill a dream. I never get tired of sharing the feeling of my clients’ joy upon the completion of a purchase or sale.  It is what drives me to want to continue to excel”.   

“I am so grateful to have earned the trust of my clients, who know that I always have their best interest at heart.  Every time a client tells me that I was able to get them exactly what they were looking for, I feel an insurmountable sense of pride in my work”.

The success and happiness of my clients are what makes me love what I do".

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When I first ventured into the real estate industry years ago, I did so with the hopes of helping sellers & buyers like you avoid the headaches often associated with the home-selling & home-buying process. In my years of experience, not only have I helped alleviate the stress of buying and selling for numerous clients, but I’ve also accumulated years of knowledge to help sellers get more money for their homes in the least amount of time and qualify buyers to get into their dream home with zero to no hassle.  

I decided to share all of my expertise in one place with potential clients. And that’s I wrote these books. I want to help you have the best possible home-buying and home-selling experience. And by that, I mean I want you to


1. Get the most money possible for your home,

2. Sell in the least amount of time, and

3. Avoid the headaches most commonly associated with the home-selling process. 


1) How to determine your wants vs. needs in your next home

2) Information on securing a home loan 

3) Common mistakes to avoid

Think of this book as my gift to you. It contains insider advice on home-selling and the home-buying process to help you achieve your ultimate real estate goals.

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If, after reading through it, you want to hire me to help you sell your home or help you buy your next home, I’d be more than happy to meet with you to discuss a specific plan that works for you. 

Happy reading!